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Management Policy


On March 30, 2016, we announced the 16 Corporate Strategic Plan (16CSP.)
(five-year period from fiscal 2017 to fiscal 2021)

Management Policy of the 16CSP

To be the greatest "Business to Specialist" Company

  • We will strive to be the most valuable partner to experts and customers with high aspirations through the timely provision of appropriate solutions that meet their high-level needs.
  • We will achieve this goal by utilizing our innovative thinking, expertise in advancing technology, operational excellence, and high ethical standards.
  • Through these efforts as well as through sustainable growth, Olympus will meet the expectations of all stakeholders and act as a good corporate citizen.

One Olympus

  • We will maximize performance of the entire Olympus Group by sharing values and strategies and making full use of the management resources on a global and Groupwide basis.
Foundation of Business Advantage (Style of Competition)/Business Domain:

We will compete in domains in which we can utilize our strengths as a "Business to Specialist" Company and fully leverage our management resources.

Growth Style:

In principle, we will primarily pursue organic growth. To realize sustained growth, we will manage business pipelines from a medium- to long-term perspective. We will look outside the Company for growth opportunities and proactively take part in M&A transactions and business alliances that are viewed as strategically viable and feasible based on the Company's organizational strength and integration and management (post-merger integration) capabilities.

Organization Management:

We will strive to strike a balance between establishing an appropriate level of headquarters control (centripetal force) and realizing highly empowered operating sites (centrifugal force).

Business Strategies developed in accordance with the Management Strategy; and Functional Strategies designed to support the Business Strategies. Within this framework, we will practice a matrix style of business operation by merging the business and function sides of operations in a balanced manner to fully utilize the management resources of the entire Company.

Corporate Governance:

Acting in accordance with the Basic Policy for Corporate Governance, we will implement all principles of Japan's Corporate Governance Code.

Human Resources:

We aim to develop a lively workplace environment in which a diverse range of human resources from various backgrounds always treat their colleagues with respect and understanding. In this environment, all employees will share one common vision and utilize their unique talents to contribute to the development of the Company.

Shareholder Returns:

After securing the internal reserves necessary to ensure a stable financial base, we will first prioritize the allocation of funds toward investments in growth fields, with the remainder of funds used to provide shareholders with an appropriate level of shareholder returns that matches their expectations.

Corporate Citizenship:

We adhere to standards of good practice and make appropriate contributions to society. We do what we are expected to do as a good corporate citizen.

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