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The Role of Olympus

Olympus participated in this project as a premier sponsor, contributing both socially and technologically. We have supported the project extensively by way of donation of the proceeds from the exhibitions to the AIDS Education Fund, cooperation through the provision of equipment in order to achieve the highest digital image quality, digital photography education and technical support.

Contribution to Achieve the Millennium Development Goals.
The eight goals adopted by the international community include the elimination of poverty and famine, the provision of universal elementary education by 2015.

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Social Contribution

All profits from sales of  "A Day in the Life of Africa" photo book are being used in the Africa Education Program Fund.
Through this project Olympus has had the opportunity to make a large contribution to the fight of the people of Africa against the spread of the AIDS virus throughout the African continent and the efforts to eventually eradicate it. All profits from sales of "A day in the Life of Africa" photo book are being used the African AIDS Education Program Fund.
All proceeds from the exhibition held at the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography have been donated to the AIDS Education Program Fund through the United Nations.
Originally, Olympus was not only involved in the camera business, it was also a pioneer in the medical industry. We produced Japan's first microscope, followed by the development of the world's first endoscope. Olympus products offer technology unparalleled in the advancement of medicine. As a global corporation Olympus recognizes its social responsibility and the necessity to bring about improvements in the quality of human life and livelihood.

Technological Contribution

"A Day in the Life of Africa" as well as being photo shoot within the harsh African environment is, in another sense, an ambitious project. This is the first time that a photo shoot using only digital cameras has been tried in the "A Day in the Life" series. For the "Day in the Life" series, always striving for state-of-the-art over the years, this was also a challenge from the photographic technology aspect.

For equipment we contributed 120 CAMEDIA E-20 cameras and peripherals along with portable dye-sublimation photo quality printers, enabling on-the-spot checking of photos. For those that requested it, we made available high image quality compact digital cameras and external flash units. We also contributed 20 CAMEDIA P-400 printers capable of photo quality A4 size printing for use in the production of the photo book.

Photo: Yoshinori Matsuzawa(Olympus Europa)
Minoru Matsuzaki(Olympus America)
Furthermore, in order to ensure a high quality photo shoot we conducted 3 training sessions for the photographers on digital photography in New York and Paris. Between February 22 and March 5 we established a 24 hour Olympus support center in Paris and dispatched 2 staff to Africa to provide localized support.
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