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Chapter 2 in the history of the E-Series gets off to a good start with further enhancements to picture quality and mobility - The long-awaited digital camera flagship E-3 Series is likely to delight users.
Participants Yuji Ogasawara , Kazuya Kobayashi , Setsuya Kataoka , Kazumi Itoh , Tetsuya Toyoda
Four years have passed since the debut of the E-1 digital interchangeable-lens SLR camera caused a major stir with the adoption of the Four-Thirds (4/3 image pickup) system and a dust reduction system that uses a supersonic wave filter to remove dust from the image sensor.

Since then, Olympus has pushed forward with technological development to satisfy the diverse needs identified through thoroughgoing research into the views of E-1 users as it sought to expand the E Series line-up and the ranks of digital SLR users. The result is the new, recently launched flagship model of Olympus's E Series, the E-3.

The E-3 represents the crowning point of Olympus technology to date, with the world's fastest AF, digital image stabilization functions and a larger viewfinder magnification.

We spoke to the developers and designers who gave the world the E-3.

(Interview and Production by Olympus Technozone Editorial Office)

Listening to the Views of E-1 Users - Into Preparations for "Chapter 2"
Digital SLR Market Expands as Line-up Is Strengthened
World's Fastest AF with an 11-point-full Twin Cross AF Sensor System
Focus, Camera Shake, Color Tone... Looking for A Camera that Can Judge Them and Act Appropriately
Easy to Operate Menu. - Ingenious Ideas for Switch and Shutter Sounds
Use of Supersonic Motors Provides High Performance Digital Image Stabilization Editing within the Camera Body
Beyond Four-Thirds to A Larger Viewfinder with An Expanded Field of View
Ultra-high-quality Images that Make the Most of Details like Shadows and Highlights
Exhaustive Pursuit of A Remarkably Tough Construction that is Splash- and Dust-Proof
In the Market, Our True Rivals Are the Consumers - It's Enough if the Camera Makes Them Want to Buy It

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