Olympus Connects with Society Coexisting with Society for a Better Future

Making Your Every Day Safer

Olympus globally contributes to the safety and comfort in everyday life.

Aircrafts, power plants, and many other kinds of social infrastructure that underpins daily life and business is required to ensure service continuity even during times of difficulty.

Olympus provides non-destructive testing devices for top-level inspection and maintenance.

We produce non-destructive solutions that enable maintenance teams to swiftly inspect the insides of facilities without dismantling them.

For decades, Olympus has been developing top-level non-destructive solutions, including industrial endoscopes and supersonic flaw detectors, based on its advanced optical, precision, and digital technologies.

Olympus contributes to society through unique technologies to make your every day safer.

Contributing to the Future of Healthcare

Our mission is to contribute to the future of healthcare, including through Olympus high-precision microscopes that are used at iPS cell research sites.

The application of iPS cells is expected to drastically accelerate the medical field's ability to identify causes of illness, discover new medicines and devise regenerative treatments.

Many researchers in Japan and elsewhere are busy studying this new field with the hope of realizing new medical applications at an accelerated pace.

Olympus microscopes are recognized for their top-level precision and operability, making them the instruments of choice at many cutting-edge life-science research labs.

Ultimately, we wish to help patients eagerly awaiting the next generation of medicines.

Olympus contribute to society by helping researchers capturing the next scientific discovery through our microscopes.

Striving for People's Wellness and Happiness

Through our mission to contribute to healthier lives, we produce endoscopes that are used at medical institutions around the world.

Olympus developed the world's first gastroscope over 60 years ago to fulfil a doctor's wish to save his patients suffering from stomach cancer.

Since then, we have refined our endoscopes with numerous innovations for enhanced observation, procedures and treatments that have led to faster diagnosis of stomach cancer.

Not only are Olympus digestive endoscopes used at medical institutions worldwide, Olympus is also driving minimally invasive treatments such as laparoscopic surgery.

Ultimately, we wish to enhance people's health.

We contribute to society through innovative capabilities in medical technology and precision manufacturing that are unique to Olympus.