Olympus Global Open Photo Contest

About Olympus Global Open Photo Contest

Olympus has been recognized as a pioneer innovator focused on making people's lives healthier, safer and more fulfilling. The annual Olympus Global Open Photo Contest was launched in 2015 to recognize the works of diverse professional and amateur photographers.

Total Entries

Total Entries

Countries Participated

Countries Participated

Total Participants

Total Participants

  • 2017-18 Contest Overview

    Total Entries153,199 entries

    Countries Participated180 countries

    Total Participants 25,864 participants


    Getting Outside, Art, Power of Life, Light, Stories, Connections to Cherish


    Alexander Hahn (Germany), Kim Lau (Singapore), Silvijo Selman (Croatia), Supasit Srisawathsak (Thailand), Tetsuro Shimizu (Japan), and Tracie Maglosky (U.S.A.)

    Winners Gallery 2017-18

  • 2016-17 Contest Overview

    Total Entries149,781 entries

    Countries Participated141 countries

    Total Participants 30,866 participants


    Power of Life, Connections to Cherish, Places that Inspire, Perspectives Often Missed


    Anne Day (U.S.A.), Kim Lau (Singapore), Silvijo Selman (Croatia), Supasit Srisawathsak (Thailand), Tetsuro Shimizu (Japan), and Yann Manach (France)

    Winners Gallery 2016-17

  • 2015 Contest Overview

    Total Entries120,877 entries

    Countries Participated138 countries

    Total Participants 28,079 participants


    Birth, Places to Preserve, Smiles and Laughter, Macro, Art


    Anne Day (U.S.A.), Kan Mimura (Japan), Kim Lau (Singapore), Silvijo Selman (Croatia), Tetsuro Shimizu (Japan), and Wakako Jet (Japan)

    Winners Gallery 2015

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