Olympus Global Open Photo ContestWinners Gallery 2017-18

Grand Prize

Not leave Me

Username : Myo Thet

Country/Region of Residence : Myanmar

Category : Power of Life

Judge's Comments :

A very nice aerial shot. The image is full of colours and texture. Great moment and composition give this photograph an interesting real-life story. At first you are attracted with beautiful mixture of land and water, and then with kids running in straight line towards the elderly in the boat. In one way this is a landscape photograph and in the other an abstract, almost surreal photographic journey.

- Silvijo Selman (Croatia)

A powerful photo depicting children running after a leaving boat, beautifully presented with great composition and texture. Missing transport in remote areas can be disastrous, and this photo can metaphorically describe the hunger of children with less access ensuring they don't "miss the boat" for progress in their life.

- Kim Lau (Singapore)

"Not Leave Me" is a masterful, textured story of the power of life as the children run toward the boat. Perfectly framed, they leave their hurried disturbances in the water beneath their feet with their shadows following closely behind. This image reminds us that the combination of the freedom and exploration of a younger generation coupled with the wisdom and patience of the next create our greatest future.

- Tracie Maglosky (U.S.A.)

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