Corporate Governance Policy

Basic Concept

The Olympus Group strives to realize better health and happiness for people by being an integral member of society, sharing common values, and proposing new values through its business activities. We call this aim "Social IN" and make it the core philosophy that underlies all of our activities.

In accordance with this philosophy, the Board of Directors seeks to develop, operate, and continuously improve the corporate governance structure to ensure the appropriateness and reliability of financial reporting and the effectiveness and efficiency of business operations.

Basic Policy for Corporate Governance

The Olympus Group has created the basic policy for Corporate Governance based on the principals of Japan's Corporate Governance Code.

Our policy for corporate governance facilitates appropriate decision making by the Board of Directors for sustainable long-term growth. The Board approved this policy as part of fulfilling the company's fiduciary responsibility to shareholders and its overall responsibilities to stakeholders, including clients, employees and local communities.

Basic Policy for Corporate Governance Download PDF

Corporate Governance Report

The Olympus Group submits a compilation of our corporate governance situation the "Corporate Governance Report" to the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

Corporate Governance Report (As of June 28, 2017) Download PDF