Profile (Kiichi Hirata)

  • Director, Executive Managing Officer Kiichi Hirata

    Date of birth: July 1, 1957

April 1980 Joined Olympus
October 2003 General Manager, Planning Dept., Scientific Equipment Div., Olympus
April 2004 General Manager, Sales and Marketing Dept., Bioscience Div., Olympus
April 2006 General Manager, Logistics Development Dept., Business Support Div., Olympus
November 2012 President, Olympus Logitex Co., Ltd.
October 2013 Division Manager, Corporate Service Div., Olympus (present)
April 2014 Executive Officer, Olympus
April 2015 Head of Corporate Group, Olympus
April 2016
  • Executive Managing Officer, Olympus (present)
  • Chief Administrative Officer, Olympus (present)
June 2016 Director, Olympus (present)

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