Profile (Nacho Abia)

  • Executive Officer and Chief Operating Officer Nacho Abia

    Date of birth: August 3, 1968

January 1994 Product Manager, GCI Distribution
March 1996 Senior Product Manager, Tech Data España S.L.U.
August 1997 Divion Manager Personal entertainment divion, Sony España
June 2000 South European Marketing Manager Digital Imaging division, Sony Europe Limited,
June 2001 Managing Director Iberia Region, Olympus Spain S.A.(currently Olympus Iberia S.A.U)
March 2008 Managing Director Imaging Division, Olympus Europa GmbH (currently Olympus Europa SE & Co.KG)
March 2011 President, Olympus Imaging America Inc.
July 2013 President, Olympus Corporation of the Americas
April 2015 CEO, Olympus Corporation of the Americas (present)
April 2017 Corporate Officer, Olympus
April 2019
  • Regional Representative Officer Americas, Olympus
  • Therapeutic Solutions Division Head, Olympus
April 2020
  • Executive Officer, Olympus (present)
  • Chief Operating Officer, Olympus (present)

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