"I am Camera" Program (Nov.)

Event Name "I am Camera" Program (Nov.)
Organizer Olympus Korea Co., Ltd., Asan Medical Center
Date November 1, 8, 15, 22, 29, 2019 (every Friday / 5 times)
Venue Seoul / Korea
Participants 8 patients of the children cancer
Event Outline "I am Camera" is a program utilizing cameras as a medium to express “myself” and to discover my “inner side”. It is a photo and arts education program designed by Olympus Korea with a goal of helping cancer patients, who are exhausted by a long-term hospitalization, to become energetic and maintain a healthy mind. Participants in Asan Medical Center are dealing with long-term hospitalization. The program, which was developed in cooperation with our hospital partners, consists of six classes, each two hours long. The main program includes the basics of photography, how to operate camera, and practice shooting.

Participating Child

How to Operate Cameras

Light Painting