Olympus Singapore HEALTH DAY

Event Name Olympus Singapore HEALTH DAY
Organizer Olympus Singapore Pte. Ltd.
Date November 29, 2019
Venue Singapore
Participants About 500 participants (about 200 employees and their families)
Event Outline This year marks both the centennial of Olympus and the 30th anniversary of Olympus Singapore. To celebrate the double anniversaries, Olympus Singapore hosted a special event called “HEALTH DAY” for Olympus employees and their families, holding activities with a unique Olympus CSR twist and an emphasis on the company’s youth education support and cancer awareness activities.
The families of employees were invited to the office for hands-on experiences with Olympus products used in the medical, scientific and imaging fields, and also toured the R&D Department and the Repair Center. Through these and other activities, the participants gained a better understanding of the day-to-day operation of Olympus Singapore. As an extension of Olympus’ youth education support campaign, special programs were designed for the children, including enjoyable activities designed to familiarize them with the company’s products and technology, a job-matching booth to encourage them to think about possible future career paths based on their aptitudes, and Japanese language and origami workshops. To boost awareness about cancer, third-party experts were invited to run health seminars, and the COLON CAVE, a gigantic model of the colon, was set up on site. In addition to leaflets urging the participants to have a colon cancer screening, there was a booth highlighting the importance of early detection and treatment of polyps and legions.
The HEALTH DAY also provided a rare opportunity for employees to socialize across departments, in addition to bonding with their own families. The event was warmly received by the participants, some of whom left comments such as:
“It was fun operating devices that are otherwise unavailable to the average person;” “My family was finally able to learn about the specifics of my job;” “A great opportunity to show my workplace to my elderly father;” and “Learning about the products and technologies of other departments will help me perform my own job better.”

Group Photo

Endoscope Hands-on Supporting Employees' Group Photo

COLON CAVE Experience

Endoscope Hands-on Experience

Microscope Hands-on Experience

Image Stabilization Function of Digital Cameras Hands-on Experience

Japanese Origami Class

Job Matching Game