Summer Festival in Shirakawa Site

Event Name Summer Festival in Shirakawa Site
Organizer Shirakawa Olympus Co., Ltd.
Date 2 August, 2019
Venue Fukushima / Japan
Participants About 1,000 employees and their families (incl. children), about 100 participants of COLON CAVE hands-on experience
Event Outline The summer festival held by Olympus’ Shirakawa site every August is a social event for its employees and families (including children). This year’s event saw around 1,000 people gather to enjoy a variety of attractions and stage shows. As part of the company’s cancer awareness and youth education support campaigns, the “COLON CAVE”, a large model of the colon, was on display at the venue, allowing visitors to walk through a gigantic colon made of balloons. There was also a competition that encouraged participants to look for lesions as they traveled through the Cave. Employees and their families, including children, had fun as they learned the importance of early cancer detection and treatment.

Summer Festival

Group Photo

COLON CAVE Hands-on Experience

Searching Lesioned Part inside of COLON CAVE