Endoscope Kids Class (Kawatani Elementary School)

Event Name Endoscope Kids Class (Kawatani Elementary School)
Organizer Shirakawa Olympus Co., Ltd.
Date October 29, 2019
Venue Fukushima / Japan
Participants 11 3rd grade students of elementary school, 2 teachers
Event Outline Shirakawa Olympus greeted students from Kawatani Elementary School in Nishigo village, Nishi-Shirakawa, Fukushima. In addition to giving the students a factory tour, Olympus held an “Endoscope Class for Kids” for them. The students toured the plant and observed the process by which the medical devices and tools that make up the medical endoscopic system are made, and then had a classroom session where they learned about the history and functions of the endoscope, and were given a chance to operate an endoscope and treatment tools themselves. Their interest in and understanding of medicine grew stronger as they had fun throughout the visit, as evidenced by the positive responses of the students, who told us at the end of the day that they had lots of fun, as well as their teachers, who informed us that they would love to bring another group of students for a visit in the following school year.

Lecture of Endoscopes

Factory Tour

Endoscope Hands-on Experience

Group Photo