Microscope Kids Class & Factory Tour (Tatsunominami Elementary School)

Event Name Microscope Kids Class & Factory Tour (Tatsunominami Elementary School)
Organizer Tatsunominami Elementary School, Olympus Corporation
Sponsorship Nagano Olympus Co., Ltd.
Date November 5, 2019
Venue Nagano / Japan
Participants 22 students (3rd grade), 3 teachers
Event Outline Olympus’ Nagano Facility welcomed 22 third graders from Tatsuno-Minami Elementary School. The students took a tour of the factory and attended the Microscope Kids Class. Tatsuno-Minami sends students to Olympus every year as part of its Social/Integrated Study curriculum, the goal being to encourage its students to better understand local enterprises and recognize the creativity, ingenuity and hard work of the people that work in these businesses.
At the Microscope Kids Class, employees introduced children the history of microscopes and the scenes in which microscopes are useful, and at the factory tour, children saw the process of real producing microscopes. In the product operation experience, the specimens brought by each person were observed with a microscope, and they were impressed when something that could not be seen with the naked eye was seen with a microscope. They also experienced of industrial endoscope hands-on, they tried to see a small objects in the pipe with a small diameter scope.


Microscope Hands-on Experience