12th Annual Men's Summit

Event Name 12th Annual Men's Summit
Event Organizer Bertha Fayne, Co-Site Coordinator - American Cancer Society, Specialist
Sponsorship Tennessee Men's Health Network - TMHN
Event Date 22 June, 2019
Venue Tennessee / United States
Participants Approximately 100 people, predominately males
Event Outline The Men's Summit was a Health Fair hosted by the American Cancer Society with participating vendors focusing on men's (and women's) health (physical and mental). The vendors were various local healthcare facilities/providers/agencies specializing in a variety of health topics/services. Panel discussions and breakout sessions were also held. The event was informative and attendees could visit the different vendors, listen to the speakers, and participate in the discussions. One doctor spoke about the importance of colonoscopies and suggested participants visit the inflatable colon tour and Olympus table.

Olympus table(1)

Olympus table(2)

Participants in the inflatable colon tour(1)

Participants in the inflatable colon tour(2)