Stomach Care Month - Lectures in 3 Cities

Event Name Stomach Care Month - Lectures in 3 Cities
Organizer Olympus (China) Co., Ltd.
Date 14 (Chengdu), 19 (Beijing), 21 (Shenzhen) December, 2019
Venue Chengdu, Beijing, Shenzhen / China
Participants 102 Public citizens, 28 Olympus employees
Event Outline Olympus China held the gastrointestinal health lectures in 3 cities (Chengdu, Beijing and Shenzhen ), which are the following activities of 2019 Stomach Care Month campaign.
The lectures held in Chengdu and Shenzhen are for public citizens aged from 45 to 60 years old. And the lecture held in Beijing is for Olympus employees.
The contents of the activities include hospital doctor lecture, live demonstration of the Olympus endoscope product, and quiz game.

Lecture given by the doctor (Chengdu)

Introduction to endoscope (Shenzhen)

Quiz game (Chengdu)

Lecture for Olympus employees (Beijing)