Daisen City Kyowa Junior High School Company Tour

Event Name Daisen City Kyowa Junior High School Company Tour
Organizer Olympus Corporation
Date 5 September, 2019
Venue Tokyo / Japan
Participants 3 junior high school students
Event Outline The Olympus headquarters in Tokyo welcomed students from Kyowa Junior High School in Daisen, Akita Prefecture and held an Endoscope Kids Class for them. The students had demonstrated strong interest in medicine and other scientific fields as potential future career paths and wanted to visit Olympus, and in response a company visit was arranged as part of the students’ graduation trip to Tokyo. The students were first briefed on Olympus and the many uses of endoscopes, followed by a hands-on experience with endoscopes and other instruments, as well as a tour of an area showcasing microscope products. Post-visit responses from the students were very positive. A student pursuing a career in the medical field appreciated the opportunity to actually hold medical devices, and another student even stated that the visit had renewed their interest in Olympus products, and that they would love to work for Olympus one day.

Lecture of Encoscope's History

Endoscope Hands-on

Treatment Tool Hands-on

Group Photo of Olympus Staff Members