31st Tsuruga-jo Castle Half Marathon

Event Name 31st Tsuruga-jo Castle Half Marathon
Organizer Japan Association of Athletics Federation Fukushima, Aizuwakamatsu City Tsuruga-jo Half Marathon Executive Committee
Sponsorship Aizu Olympus Corporation
Date 6 October, 2019
Venue Aizuwakamatsu / Japan
Participants Aizu Olympus participants: 60 (total participants: 9,000)
Event Outline Aizu Olympus is a sponsor of the Tsuruga-jo Castle Half Marathon, which is held every year in the city of Aizuwakamatsu. This year’s event attracted around 9,000 participants from all walks of life, including a significant number of Aizu Olympus employees. In total, around 60 Aizu Olympus employees, including company president Hitoshi Yamazaki, chose to participate in the 2019 marathon.
The Aizu Olympus participants all wore blue T-shirts with company-made stickers bearing the Olympus cancer awareness slogan “Shine a Light on Cancer” on the back, helping them to raise awareness about cancer among the other marathon participants. All of the Aizu Olympus runners managed to complete either a half marathon or full ten-kilometer course.
The Aizu Olympus taiko (Japanese drum) ensemble was also at the marathon, and inspired the runners with an energetic Japanese drum rhythm.

Start of the marathon


Olympus uniform

Group photo of the participants from Olympus