Compliance, Product Quality and Safety

The Olympus Group is committed to a robust corporate compliance program as the basis of its business activities under the Olympus Global Code of Conduct, which clearly states the Company's position on ESG.
We give priority to implementing measures to improve product quality and safety. Under the Olympus Group Quality Policy, we are working to foster a mindset that emphasizes safety and quality among all members of the Olympus Group. As necessitated by the Global Management Rules revised in FY2020, we regularly report to executive officers and the Chief Quality Officer, who is responsible for quality and regulatory functions, and clarify company-wide issues. We are implementing appropriate measures for information security in our business foundation across the Group.

Major initiatives

  • Implemented in 18 languages to disseminate Olympus Global Code of Conduct through the entire Olympus Group
  • Established a comprehensive tax policy
  • Reviewed and enhanced our responses to risks associated with changes in medical administration policy while strengthening reprocessing regulations

Goals and achievements

Items KPI Definition of KPI Results Target
FY2019 FY2020 FY2021 FY2022
Compliance Number of internal reporting (Japan) Number of internal reporting 75 67 55 *1
Number of reporting (Global) Number of reporting - - 250 *1
Product safety and quality Number of participants for quality education (Global) Number of participants for global complaint awareness education (e-learning) - 29,159 28,592 *1
Information security Number of incidents Total number of information security violations or other cyber security incidents 0 0 0 *1
Number of incidents Total number of information security breach on customers' personal information leakage 0 0 0 *1
Information security assessment Information security assessment No Yes Yes *1

*Target values are set as monitoring indexes.

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