Tree Planting Day

Event Name Tree Planting Day
Organizer Planet Ark
Sponsorship Olympus Australia Pty Ltd
Date 28 July, 2019
Venue Australia
Participants 15 employees and families
Event Outline National Tree Day is an initiative started by Planet Ark as a call to action for all Australians to get their hands dirty and give back to the community, while learning and educating the next generation about key issues in environmental sustainability. Olympus has been taking part in this initiative over the past couple of years and encourage staff members, along with their families, to get involved and to get planting!
This year, some Olympus staff members and their families rolled up their sleeves and contributed to the growing number of trees planted by this event. The day also served as a valuable exercise to help teach environmentally conscious habits to the children in attendance.

Digging a Hole

Planting a Tree


Group Photo