Photography Workshop (May)

Event Name Photography Workshop (May)
Organizer JOBLINGE Initiative
Sponsorship Olympus Europa SE & Co. KG
Date 20 May, 2019
Venue Hamburg / Germany
Participants 15 young adults
Event Outline Olympus supports the JOBLINGE Initiative, which aims to give young people from a difficult social background the chance to find their way into labor market through individual support by experienced mentors, further training and qualification.
Under the claim "Who am I, how do I see myself in Hamburg and how does my home look like now?" this years initiative's attendees participated in one-week photography workshops. The workshop-series was accompanied by professional photographers and Olympus provides the camera equipment. Main objective of the workshops is that participants learn more about culture and arts, photography and how to come out of their comfort zone. By exploring their districts with Olympus cameras they experienced themselves in their city in a completely new way. In the end of a workshop week, all participants presented their photographic works and their learning experiences to a bigger audience.

Group Photo

Participant Presentation