STEM Day Plus Event (The King Edmund School)

Event Name STEM Day Plus Event (The King Edmund School)
Organizer Smallpeice Trust
Sponsorship KeyMed (Medical & Industrial Equipment) Ltd.
Date 11 July, 2019
Venue Rochford / U.K.
Participants 56 students (age 13-14)
Event Outline Carried out in collaboration with the Smallpeice Trust this event is designed to bring science, technology, engineering and mathematics skills to life. A fun, interactive & hands on project where students are tasked with designing and constructing a speaker that can amplify sound produced by a mobile phone. Olympus STEM ambassadors, Casey Gardener and Jake Sweeting, attended the event to promote Olympus and provide mentor support to the students.

Group Photo (Olympus STEM Ambassadors and The Smallpeice Trust Member)