Factory Tour & "Endoscope Kids Class" (Shirakawa Minami Junior High School)

Event Name Factory Tour & "Endoscope Kids Class" (Shirakawa Minami Junior High School)
Organizer Shirakawa Olympus Co., Ltd.
Date 9 July, 2019
Venue Fukushima / Japan
Participants 13 students of junior high school and 1 teacher
Event Outline Shirakawa Olympus held factory tours and "Endoscope Kids Class" for students of Shirakawa City Shirakawa Minami Junior High School. The students visited the manufacturing process of equipment used as a medical endoscope system. At the Endoscope Kids Class, they learned about the history and role of endoscopes and experienced the operation of real endoscope systems and treatment tools used with endoscopes. After the class, the students said that they were happy to experience valuable experiences and wanted to learn a lot of other technologies. The students increased their interest in medical care and health, and deepened their understanding of Olympus, as a local company.

Factory Tour

Olympus Employee Explaining about Endoscope System

Treatment Tool Hands-on

Group Photo