Microscope Kids Class & Factory Tour (Minowa Higashi Elementary School)

Event Name Microscope Kids Class & Factory Tour (Minowa Higashi Elementary School)
Organizer Minowa Higashi Elementary School, Olympus Corporation
Sponsorship Nagano Olympus Co., Ltd.
Date 10 February, 2020
Venue Nagano / Japan
Participants 32 students (3rd grade), 2 teachers
Event Outline

Olympus’ Nagano Facility hosted a Microscope Class for Kids and factory tour for 32 third graders from Minowa Higashi Elementary School, and also gave the children a chance to operate microscopes and industrial endoscopes. The Microscope Class for Kids presented the history of microscopes, their uses in society, and the areas in which microscopes are particularly useful.

During the factory visit, the students observed the manufacturing process of microscopes and gained firsthand knowledge about how microscopes are used in real life. In the product operation experience, the specimens brought by each person were observed with a microscope, and they were impressed when something that could not be seen with the naked eye was seen with a microscope. They also experienced of industrial endoscope hands-on, they tried to see a small objects in the pipe with a small diameter scope.

Group Photo


Microscope Hands-on Experience