CSR-Related Basic Policies

From Corporate Philosophy to Policies / Plans / Actions

The Corporate Vision and the Corporate Conduct Charter are based on the company’s Social IN philosophy, and help to guide CSR policies. The Medium-Term Management Plan and the Annual Business Plan are based on the Corporate Vision. The Code of Ethics is based on the Corporate Conduct Charter and is reflected in both Medium-Term Management Plan and the Company Rules. Our daily business and operations are based on the Annual Business Plan, laws, regulations and social norms.

Linkage between Corporate Conduct Charter and CSR Policies

The Olympus Group Corporate Conduct Charter CSR-Related Basic Policies
Integrity: Integrity in Society 1. Adherence to High Ethical Standards
2. Respect for Human Rights
Innovation: Creating Innovative Value 3. Delivering Innovative Value
4. Working Environments with Vitality
Involvement: Social Involvement 5. Harmony with the Environment
6. Contribution to Society

(as of May, 2015)