Corporate Citizenship Policy

Based on our corporate philosophy of "Making people's lives healthier, safer and more fulfilling" that provides the basis for all corporate activities, the Olympus Group (hereinafter, "Olympus") is committed to contributing to society through various corporate citizenship activities, in addition to creating social value through our business operations, with the goal to build positive relationships with communities and to contribute to sustainable growth of both society and Olympus.
We carry out corporate citizenship activities that reflect the uniqueness of Olympus and leverage our technologies, expertise and other assets to address social issues.

1. Priority Areas and Activities

Our corporate citizenship efforts are focused on the following areas: "Health and Medicine", "Culture and Arts", "Global Environment" and "Science and Technology". To solve social issues that fall into one of these areas, we prioritize the three following activities:

  • 1. Contributing to the solution of global social issues, realizing our responsibility as a global company
  • 2. Contributing to the effective solution of social problems through activities relevant to our business
  • 3. Conducting awareness-raising activities and providing education and training support to new generations of leaders by leveraging our technologies and know-how

Furthermore, in addition to the aforementioned priority areas and activities, we are committed to providing disaster relief assistance and humanitarian support for the alleviation of hunger and poverty.

2. Compliance with Social Norms

We are committed to social development and strive to build long-lasting relationships with society, by ensuring regulatory compliance and respect to local cultures and customs.

3. Rules and Organizational Systems

Along with raising the awareness of our executives and employees about the importance of social contribution, we establish robust systems and regulations, and design effective measures to enhance our corporate citizenship activities.

4. Information Disclosure

We promote effective stakeholder communication and accommodate community requests to ensure the quality and continuity of our corporate citizenship activities. Furthermore, we are committed to making the information about our community activities available to a wide audience.