Olympus Group Quality Policy

The Olympus Group will pursue value that is genuinely wanted by our customers, act with the utmost focus on quality and will sustainably deliver safe products and services that are useful to society.

To this end, the Olympus Group will continue to maintain and improve the effectiveness of its quality management system in full conformance with regulatory requirements.

Guiding principles for ensuring the utmost focus on quality

  • 1. Customer-centric approach

    We will keep our customers and patients in mind, fully focus on their safety and need, and act in a sincere manner.

  • 2. Ensuring compliance with laws, regulations and social norms

    We will strive to fully and correctly understand and comply with all relevant laws, regulations and social norms, as this understanding and compliance forms the foundation for the delivery of safe, reliable products and services to our customers and patients.

  • 3. Constant quest for quality

    We will never be content with the status quo when it comes to the quality of all relevant business processes, which will boost the safety and quality of our products and services.

  • 4. Appropriate communication

    We will provide useful and accurate information in an appropriate manner to our customers and patients in order to ensure their safety and peace of mind.