Olympus Group Risk Management and Crisis Response Policy

All our activities are based on our corporate philosophy, "Making people's lives healthier, safer and more fulfilling." Following this philosophy, the Olympus Group will conduct global risk management activities to obviate and mitigate the risks that might prevent the achievement of its group management objectives. In the event that a risk materializes, the Olympus Group will promptly and appropriately take actions to minimize any crisis and damage.

1. Basic Purpose

  • To secure the safety of customers, regional residents, officers, employees and their families
  • To keep the managerial resources intact and ensure the continuity of business
  • To improve the quality of business management and increase the corporate value

2. Action Guidelines

  • We respond to stakeholders' expectation by managing risks integrally on a company-wide basis, and through responses implemented with sufficient consideration for social demand and/or change.
  • We incorporate risk management into our day-to-day global business activities.
  • We integrate risk management consciousness throughout our organizations and members, and continuously increase our risk response ability, through global risk management activities.
  • We take prompt, responsible actions prioritizing human life and safety in case of emergency.

3. Establishment of a Risk Management System

We will establish a risk management system and a crisis response system, and clarify the related responsibilities in order to ensure conducting risk mitigation activities and making appropriate management and responses in case of emergencies.

4. Establishment of Rules

We will establish the in-house rules to clarify the measures to be implemented, in order to ensure conducting appropriate risk mitigation activities and making appropriate responses in case of emergencies.

5. Education

We will provide necessary education and training so that each organization and all personnel in the Group will be able to act appropriately in line with the Action Guidelines to meet the Basic Purpose as described in this policy.