Olympus Group Corporate Conduct Charter

All our activities are based on our corporate philosophy of "Making people's lives healthier, safer and more fulfilling." Following this philosophy, at the Olympus Group, we are committed to conducting our affairs with a strong sense of ethics, and accordingly, will strictly comply with all relevant laws and regulations. All members of the management team and all employees of the Olympus Group hereby pledge to act in accordance with the Corporate Conduct Charter in their global corporate activities.

1. Adherence to High Ethical Standards

We will prioritize the spirit of compliance under any circumstances and will never tolerate any action that violates laws and regulations, social norms or internal rules. We will create an environment within the organization where no concern pertaining to compliance will be ignored. Moreover, we will implement training and provide guidance to all parties concerned. We will consistently oppose any antisocial force or organization posing a threat to the order and safety of civil society and completely dissociate ourselves from any relation with them.

2. Respect for Human Rights

In all corporate activities, the Olympus Group will respect all internationally recognized human rights and will prohibit forced labor, child labor or discrimination based on race, beliefs, gender, age, social position, family lineage, nationality, ethnicity, religion or disability.

3. Delivering Innovative Value

The Olympus Group will continue to offer innovative value to play an integral role in making people's lives healthier, safer and more fulfilling. To that aim, we constantly seek to provide safe, high-quality products and services that engender loyalty and affection for our brand and that are meaningful to society, while taking sufficiently stringent measures to protect customers' information.

4. Working Environments with Vitality

The Olympus Group will provide a safe and healthy working environment where individuality and diversity are respected and personal development is fostered. This environment will allow employees to strive for the highest level of skill and knowledge, and enable the innovative creation of value sought by society. We will aim to create working environments with a high level of transparency in management, to share information without seeking to hide or obfuscate unfavorable truths, and an atmosphere in which free and vigorous discussion is encouraged.

5. Harmony with the Environment

Respecting the importance of people's safety and health and the essential role of nature in supporting their lives, the Olympus Group will contribute to a healthy environment and pursue sustainable development of society through business activities and technological developments that are in harmony with nature.

6. Contribution to Society

The Olympus Group is always mindful of the impact our decisions have on stakeholders and society, and we will actively seek out the voices of stakeholders, including customers, business partners, shareholders, employees and communities, and sincerely respond to their questions, concerns and needs. The Olympus Group regards itself as a citizen in each of the communities where employees live and work, and we recognize the importance of supporting community organizations, programs and activities. Additionally, we will always respect the culture and practices of the countries and regions where the Group engages in business.

Adopted on April 27, 2018