Promoting Work-Life Integration

Olympus has been promoting "Work-Life Integration" tohelp employees keep their work-life balance and generatework-life synergies, believing that they will maximize theirabilities and proactively continue their careers even duringperiods when they need to take care of their children orother family members.

Support Systems and Measures

We have introduced work at home, reentry, task flex, and reduction of working hours systems as a way to give more support to employees who are taking care of their children or other family members.

Use of the Work-Life Integration-Related Systems

FY2018 FY2019 FY2020
Work at home system (persons) 282 595 828
Reentry system (persons) 4 0 4
Task flex system (persons) 1 0 0
Reduction of working hours system (persons) 254 250 246

Leave Systems and Leave Utilization Situation

Refresh Leave

7th year of employment Paid holidays: 5 days
Bonus: 55,000 yen
20th year of employment Paid holidays: 10 days
Bonus: 330,000 yen
At the age of 55 Paid holidays: 5 days
Participation in the PLP Seminar

Utilization of Refresh Leave

FY2018 FY2019 FY2020
7th year of employment 250 204 130
20th year of employment 142 187 164
At the age of 55 185 206 224

Annual Paid Leave

No. of annual paid holidays (for full-time workers) 20 days a year, starting the first year of employment (for employees who join Olympus between April and June). Unused paid holidays can be carried over to the next year only.
Consecutive leave promotion scheme (Creative Holiday) Employees are encouraged to take 5 consecutive leave days. (These can be combined with ordinary holidays.)
Expired annual paid holiday saving scheme (Special Sick Leave) Saving of up to 50 days allowed for medical treatment and family care (paid holidays).

Utilization of Annual Paid Leave

FY2018 FY2019 FY2020
Average days available 19.8 19.2 19.7
Average days used 13.0 10.8 10.9
Utilization ratio (%) 65.4 56.3 55.6

Leaves of Absence for Voluntary Activities

Number of people used since 1995: 6 persons

Utilization of Childcare & Family Care Leave and Leaves of Absence

FY2018 FY2019 FY2020
Number of employees taking maternity leave 134 131 156
Subtotal: Males 8 13 23
Number of employees taking leaves of absence for family care 3 4 4