Environmental Communication


The Olympus Group is disseminating environmental information through smooth communication with its stakeholders so that they can have a fuller understanding of the environmental conservation activities conducted by its employees in local communities.

Environmental conservation activities

The Olympus Group is involved in continuous environmental conservation activities in the local communities where its business sites are located, including cleanup programs, tree planting and recycling.

Ordinance of the metropolitan government

Based on the Tokyo Metropolitan Government’s Global Warming Countermeasures System, we are pleased to announce the Global Warming Countermeasures Plan of the Ishikawa Facility.

Plans for Global Warming Countermeasures (Only in Japanese) open in new window

Olympus Environmental Day

Olympus Environmental Day

June 5th is “World Environment Day” designated by the United Nations. Olympus has designated June of every year as “Olympus Environment Month” and has been conducting activities to raise environmental awareness for the past 40 years. In fiscal 2023, Olympus held “Olympus Environmental Day” to be more conscious of cooperation with society. With the aim of raising environmental awareness among employees, we conducted global environmental e-learning programs, held events to reduce waste and food loss and promote recycling in each region and site, and conducted neighborhood cleanup activities.
In addition, our domestic sites have been continuously contributing to environmental conservation activities of NGOs and NPOs by collecting unneeded books, CDs, DVDs, and other items, selling them to outside vendors, and donating the funds. In fiscal 2023,a total of 95,998 yen, including a matching gift from the company, was donated to the Japan Fund for Global Environment operated by the Environmental Restoration and Conservation Agency.