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The Olympus Group is disseminating environmental information through smooth communication with its stakeholders so that they can have a fuller understanding of the environmental conservation activities conducted by its employees in local communities.

Environmental conservation activities

The Olympus Group is involved in continuous environmental conservation activities in the local communities where its business sites are located, including cleanup programs, tree planting and recycling.

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Tokyo Metropolitan Government ordinances

Tokyo Metropolitan Government ordinances

Ishikawa Facility's plans for global warming countermeasures are being disclosed in response to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government's program on global warming countermeasures.

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The Hachioji Facility, which is covered by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Cap & Trade System*, donated to the metropolitan government carbon credits worth 15,033 tons of CO2 resulting from it overachieving its compulsory reduction volume between FY2010 and FY2014.

* Tokyo Metropolitan Government Cap & Trade System: A program that requires large-scale business facilities (where consumption of fuel, heat and electricity in the previous fiscal year exceeds 1500 kL of crude oil per year) to comply with CO2 emissions reduction requirements.

Olympus Environment Month

Olympus Environment Month

June 5 is designated by the United Nations as World Environment Day. For more than 40 years, Olympus has been fostering greater environmental awareness every June, which it has designated as Olympus Environment Month. Although the June Environment Month events organized by all Group companies were canceled in FY2021 to prevent the spread of COVID-19, we started to hold environmental e-learning and other activities globally in December to promote employee awareness of the environment.
In the past, during Environment Month our business sites in Japan have organized collections of used books, CDs, DVDs, etc., sold them to external dealers and used the proceeds to aid environmental conservation activities by NGOs and NPOs. This scheme was expanded in December 2020, and now collections are organized throughout the year.

Participation in the Ministry of the Environment's Environmental Reporting Platform Development Pilot Project

Olympus participates in the ESG Dialogue Platform verification project of the Ministry of the Environment, which serves as a foundation for environmental information and dialogue among businesses and investors.

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