Environmentally Conscious Technologies of the Olympus Group

The various environmentally conscious technologies are embedded in each stage of the life cycles of the Olympus products. On this page, we will introduce some of them.

Smiel for the Earth

Product Development

Medical Systems

Video System Center
Downsizing the product and extending the life of the light source by using the LED light

Life Science Solutions

System Microscope
Low electricity consumption and extending life of light source by using the LED light


Purchasing green electricity by the subsidiaries in Europe

The subsidiaries in Europe have purchased the green electricity generated by solar energy, wind energy, and hydropower, etc.

The green electricity certificates


Environmentally Conscious buildings and equipment in each site

The environmental conscious equipment has been installed in the manufacturing sites, and renewable energy such as solar power and geothermal energy are being consumed in Olympus Group.

Aizu Olympus
Aizu Olympus


Life Science:Discontinuing use of cushioning material and carton boxes

Reducing the amount of packaging materials by discontinuing use of cushioning materials and carton boxes by using the folding returnable containers (only in Japan) .

Discontinuing use of cushioning material and carton boxes


Handheld XRF Analyzer Vanta

Accurate and non-destructive alloy identification and element analysis for scrap sorting and hazardous elements screening of soil and consumer goods, etc.

Handheld XRF Analyzer Vanta

Industrial Videoscope IPLEX NX

High-quality images for enabling users to clearly identify trouble spots and defective areas of car engines, jet engines of airplanes and wind turbines etc.

Industrial Videoscope IPLEX NX

In addition, corporate citizenship activities that are uniquely Olympus are underway around the world.

Olympus Corporate Citizenship Activities