Senior Manager in Global Market Intelligence for the Medical Business

Olympus proves its value through its real actions for a better society.

Q: Why did you join Olympus?

I thought I could make use of my specialty at a company that contributes to society.

Market Intelligence, my specialty, is an important component of strategy and commercial tactics at Olympus. And Olympus believes it has a role in the betterment of society and a responsibility to all its stakeholders, including its employees, not just a responsibility to increase stock price. I chose Olympus because I thought I could make use of my specialty in such a company.

Q: What do you do at Olympus, what motivates you?

I find my job rewarding and challenging because it's like solving a puzzle.

I am a Senior Manager in Global Market Intelligence for the medical business, leading the team that supports the gastrointestinal endoscope and respiratory endoscope businesses. We provide information and insights on the market external to Olympus, such as customers, competitors, and industry and technology trends. I find this rewarding and challenging because it's like solving a puzzle - we look for the pieces and work to fit them together into a picture of where Olympus is doing business. I find it rewarding to know that my work provides insights that help our R&D, marketing, sales and executive leadership make the decisions required for Olympus to grow and thrive as a partner to medical providers such as doctors who are trying to treat and prevent serious illnesses. I also find the work intellectually challenging and rewarding.

Q: What is a typical day for you?

The work in Market Intelligence is project-based, so there really isn't a "typical" day or week, which is something I prefer. The following is an example:

I may manage a primary market research project with a vendor to discover unmet customer needs

Estimate the size of a market segment in Excel

Evaluate the quality of a market data resource, and create a proposal to purchase data or start a new project and do a purchase requisition in the system

We do all of the above in one day. There are a lot of meetings aimed at sharing information, understanding requests for information, and making sure a project is on track. I also have people leader responsibilities, so I often do impromptu training and review others' work. Also as a team leader, I help our director plan the direction of our department along with my colleagues.

Q: What were your favorite subjects in school, and what is required skill & specialty for your job?

The most important attribute in this line of work is intellectual curiosity.

In high school, I was equally interested in the sciences and in writing. In fact, I initially wanted to be a journalist, with the idea of working for a science-related publication. My initial interest in research started in college with a course on consumer behavior and an internship in the research department of industry association. I have a bachelor's degree and a master's degree in business, which have provided knowledge of how business works and frameworks for evaluating information.
The most important attribute in this line of work is intellectual curiosity - the desire to understand how things work, what people think, what's new and changing, and the "why" for all of it. An ability to use and assess numeric information, communicate orally and in writing, break projects into manageable tasks and learn new information quickly are all critical skills.

Q: Finally, how do you feel about contributing to society?

I have not participated in many group activities, but have had the opportunity to use my 16 hours of company volunteer time in a variety of ways from tagging geese with the local game commission to supporting the music association at my son's school. I also appreciate Olympus' interest in matching my monetary gifts to causes I care about, as well as its support for causes like colon cancer screening. Olympus exemplifies its purpose as a company through tangible activities in the community that make me proud to say I'm an employee. Many companies espouse such values, but Olympus proves it through its actions. In addition, as an employee, it demonstrates that Olympus recognizes employees' contributions outside of work as well!

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