Message from ESG Officer

Olympus is committed to fulfilling its expectations of corporate responsibility at a level befitting a leading global business. We are proud to have provided significant value to society for more than 100 years, making people’s lives healthier, safer and more fulfilling around the world through our innovative range of products and services. In particular, we have provided the global healthcare community with solutions that have improved clinical outcomes for patients, boosted the quality of life and patient experiences, and created economic value throughout the medical and scientific communities.

In recent years, we have established what we should be as a global medtech company, advanced company-wide transformation, and are working to strengthen employee engagement. Even in the face of social changes such as those caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, we have continued our journey to become a healthy organization, a corporate culture where we are all committed to delivering Our Purpose.

By taking a proactive approach to ESG — Environmental, Social, and Governance — and actively strengthening our efforts to address our materiality, we believe the company can contribute to society by improving patient outcomes through elevating the standard of care and play an essential role in creating a sustainable society.

Director, Executive Officer, Chief Administrative Officer, Chief Strategy Officer and ESG Officer
Stefan Kaufmann