Request to Suppliers

Olympus utilises various materials and services necessary for its production activities from corporations in many countries and regions around the world. We would like all suppliers to Olympus to note and follow the important points described below.

1. Compliance with Laws, Regulations, and Social Norms

Olympus aims to provide its customers with products that fully meet or exceed their expectations. In doing so, we discipline ourselves to comply with the laws, regulations, and social norms of the countries and regions of the world in which we operate (specifically including laws, standards, or conventions concerning the prohibition of forced labor and child labor, prohibition of discrimination based on unreasonable grounds, anti-corruption, laws regarding appropriate wages and working hours, and maintenance of safe and clean working environments), carry out sound corporate activities and behave in a manner that is in accordance with laws, regulations, and social norms. As noted below, we would therefore expect our suppliers to do the same in those countries and regions where you operate and to execute the appropriate management necessary to comply with this requirement.

2. Health & Safety

Suppliers are asked to ensure health and safety in the workplace (including equipment and facilities), work to track industrial accidents and illness, build a system and framework for emergency response, and properly manage the health of their employees.

3. Fair and Impartial Trade

Olympus opens its doors wide to suppliers who can develop mutual understanding and trust. We carry out fair and appropriate procurement activities based on our policies and procedures disclosed to the suppliers. Suppliers are also requested to follow our policies and procedures.

4. Ensuring Quality and Safety, Delivery, Fair Pricing, and Stable Supply

Products, parts, and raw materials provided by our suppliers have an enormous impact on Olympus. Suppliers are asked to provide products, parts, and raw materials that meet Olympus specifications and quality standards, while complying with delivery dates and providing fair prices.

5. Environmental Considerations

Olympus takes the protection of the global environment as one of its critical management tasks, and strives to contribute to the development of a sustainable society by delivering environmentally conscious products to consumers. To this end, suppliers must manage the parts and raw materials that constitute our products at their source, including in their procurement activities and production processes. We would like you to promote the following biodiversity and other environmental protection activities so that together, we can create products that are not harmful to the global environment.

6. Ensuring Information Security and the Appropriate Protection of Information

With respect to trade with Olympus, suppliers can access and obtain Olympus' corporate information, such as its know-how or classified information, as well as the classified or private information Olympus has on others. You are requested to strictly safeguard the information you have accessed through your business dealings with us to prevent any leak or disclosure to unauthorized personnel or outside parties. Suppliers are also asked to implement measures to combat computer viruses, and to manage such measures so as to prevent causing harm either internally or to other companies.

7. Promoting Social Contributions

Companies must grow sustainably with society. To this end, we ask that our suppliers determine what is feasible for each of you, and be proactive in your initiatives to contribute to both the global and your local communities. These initiatives may involve contributions using your primary business or technologies, non-monetary contributions utilizing your facilities or personnel, monetary donations, and others.

8. Promoting CSR Activities Internally and Among Suppliers

We ask that our suppliers have a correct understanding of the importance of CSR, and work to promote CSR activities both internally and among your own suppliers.