Tour de Tush

Event Name Tour de Tush
Event Organizer Colon Cancer Coalition
Sponsorship Olympus Corporation of the Americas
Event Date 8 June, 2019
Venue Pennsylvania / United States
Participants 400 cyclists
Event Outline The Olympus Tough Crew participated in the 2019 Tour de Tush cycling event hosted by Colon Cancer Coalition. Olympus was the presenting sponsor of event. The ride is intended to raise awareness and money to help educate others about the signs and symptoms of this treatable disease. Funds raised through local events across the U.S.A. are granted back into host communities to increase colon cancer screenings and save lives.

Group photo of Olympus Tough Crew(1)

Group photo of Olympus Tough Crew(2)

Group photo of Olympus Tough Crew(3)

Olympus mascot Earl E Detection