"I am Camera" Program

Event Name "I am Camera" Program
Event Organizer Olympus Korea Co., Ltd., HALLYM UNIV. Dongtan MEDICAL CENTER
Event Date 11, 18, 25 April, 2019
Venue (City / Country) Gyeonggi-do / Korea
Participants 10 breast cancer patients
Event Outline I am Camera program which expresses oneself and seeks one's identity by using a camera as a medium is an art education program that helps cancer patients who have long been exhausted from hospital life seek vitality and maintain an emotionally healthy life through photography arts activities organized by Olympus. It consists of five classes, a completion ceremony and an exhibition in the hospital. Basically this program is for children; however, it is also sometimes organized for adult cancer patients as a request from the hospital. This time, the event was carried out for adult breast cancer patients.


Mini Studio Class (1)

Mini Studio Class (2)