"I am Camera" by 180 photographers

Event Name "I am Camera" by 180 photographers
Event Organizer Olympus Korea Co., Ltd., Coex
Sponsorship Coex
Event Date 30 May, 2019 - 1 June, 2019
Venue Seoul / Korea
Participants General public
Event Outline "I am Camera" is a program utilizing “cameras” as a medium to express “myself” and to discover my “inner side”. It is a photo and arts education program designed by Olympus Korea with a goal of helping cancer patients, who are exhausted by a long-term hospitalization, to become energetic and maintain a healthy mind. "Photo & Imaging 2019" is a major exhibition which boasts participation of 100 photograph related companies and 80,000 visitors annually. "I am Camera" was invited to the "Photo & Imaging 2019" exhibition for its excellent CSR programs, which is a first for a camera maker. I am Camera promoted the company’s image and raised awareness of cancer among 80,000 visitors.

"I am Camera" by 180 photographers exhibition

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