Stomach Care Month-Opening Ceremony

Event Name Stomach Care Month-Opening Ceremony
Organizer Olympus (China) Co., Ltd.
Date 24 October, 2019
Venue Beijing / China
Participants 42 media
Event Outline Olympus China has designated October as Stomach Care Month, aiming to raise the public awareness about digestive cancer and to popularize the importance of early detection, early diagnosis and early treatment. 42 Chinese media were invited to participate this event, which officially launched the 2019 Olympus Stomach Care Month, and introduced to the media the activities that Olympus had carried out for this year’s Stomach Care Month : new version of the digestive health website, new cartoons about how to keep digestive healthy, public lectures that will be held in 6 cities. After the launching ceremony, the media also had the chance to experience the lecture activities, which includes a lecture by doctor, the introduction of endoscope and quiz game.

Launch of 2019 Olympus Stomach Care Month

Lecture given by a doctor

Hands-on experience with endoscope