Oyako Day Super Photo Session 2019

Event Name Oyako Day Super Photo Session 2019
Organizer Oyako Day Planning Committee
Sponsorship Olympus Corporation, Oticon K.K. and DAC Group
Date 28 July, 2019
Venue Tokyo / Japan
Participants 105 families (general participants)
Event Outline Oyako (parent and child) Day is a social initiative started by American photographer Bruce Osborn, who believes that parents and children should take a moment now and then to think about the special bond. On the fourth Sunday of July each year, Oyako Day helps parents and children forge closer bonds by spending time with one another. Olympus has been involved in the project as a special sponsor since 2004. This year, 105 parent-child pairs and families took part in the Oyako Day Super Photo Session, reaffirming their precious bonds with family members in the process. Olympus also took this opportunity to educate the attendees, most of whom were there with their families, about the importance of good health by distributing leaflets encouraging cancer screening and endoscopic examinations to detect cancer.

A family photo shoot

Operational support by Olympus volunteers

Distribution of leaflets calling for cancer screening