Cancer Awareness Activities: Asia

China: Stomach Care Month Activities

Physician Conducting a Public Lecture on Health and Cancer Awareness

To raise public awareness of early detection and treatment of stomach cancer and cancer screening, Olympus in China has designated October of each year as "Stomach Care Month." Each year since 2010, we have held a variety of regional events, including hands-on experience of operating an endoscope device, public lectures by physicians on health and cancer awareness, and others.
A special website on stomach cancer screening open in new window has also been set up in a proactive effort to provide information to the public.

China: Youth Education Support Activities at Medical Training & Education Centers

Endoscope Device Hands-on Experience

Medical Training & Education Centers for medical professionals in China accept tours by high school and medical school students as part of their support for next-generation education. By offering hands-on experience in operating endoscopes and surgical equipment and sharing knowledge of medical devices and the role of the training centers, we are working to promote understanding of the importance of early detection and treatment of cancer and the importance of good health.


Korea: Supporting Cancer Survivors through the "Going on Project"

"Going on Talk"
Remote Counseling by a Physician

The "Going on Walk" App

Olympus in Korea is engaged in the "Going on Project" which aims to improve mental health care and quality of life (QOL) for people who have experienced cancer and is developing a variety of activities going by the "Going on..." name.

  • Going on Talk: Offers counseling by physicians around daily life for cancer survivors following treatment.
  • Going on Harmony: This program aims to boost self-esteem that may have dropped in the course of cancer treatment by discovering and leveraging one’s own unique personality. It provides art programs centered on themes of body, sound, community and recovery.
  • Going on Studio: This education support program for cancer survivors who want to be independent media creators holds video production lectures and other classes.
  • Going on Walk: Employees use a smartphone app to set their target number of steps, with funds donated to cancer survivors when the target number has been reached.

Korea: Sponsorship of the OLYM# Concert

OLYM# Concert

Since 2018, Olympus in Korea has sponsored the OLYM# (Olympus) Concert. These concerts, held three times a year, are intended to help improve mental health care and quality of life (QOL) for cancer survivors and their families.
Concert performers and invited guests include professional musicians, as well as primarily cancer survivors, their families and healthcare workers, and the program can be enjoyed by anyone.