Transparency Guidelines

Olympus Group "Transparency Guideline for the Relation between Corporate Activities and Medical Institutions and Other Organizations"

1. Basic Policy

The Olympus Group hereby declares compliance with the statutory laws and regulations and pledges to uphold high ethical standards to assure that all executive officers and employees observe "what is right" and behave responsibly.
Olympus is committed to complying with all laws, regulations and company policies, and we expect a similarly high standard of integrity from our employees, managers, and our partners in business. We do not tolerate corruption or bribery in our company. To ensure that society at large is aware that we conduct corporate activities in accordance with these ethical values in the context of our relationships with medical institutions, etc., Olympus has adopted these guidelines and discloses information about payments to healthcare organizations, etc., in accordance with legal requirements, including the "Transparency Guidelines for the Medical Device Industry and its Relationships with Medical Institutions and Other Organizations," as compiled by the Japan Federation of Medical Devices Associations (JFMDA), of which is a corporate member.

* These guidelines apply to Olympus and its Japan subsidiaries that are members of the Japan Federation of Medical Devices Associations (JFMDA).

2. Scope of Application


Olympus and its Japan subsidiaries that are members of the Japan Federation of Medical Devices Associations (JFMDA)

Medical institutions and other organizations

Scientific societies, medical schools (their affiliated hospitals), hospitals and clinics, associations of paramedical staff, research institutes, research groups, other facilities that provide medical care or conduct research, development or clinical trials, and healthcare professionals

3. Disclosure Methods

Related information for the previous fiscal year will be disclosed on the Olympus website.

4. Timing of Disclosure

Information about payments to healthcare organizations etc. in each fiscal year will be disclosed after the announcement of financial results for that fiscal year.

5. Scope of Disclosure

The scope for information disclosure of the payment by Olympus to healthcare organizations and healthcare professionals covers in the categories of research and development expenses, academic research grants, manuscript writing fees, etc., expenses related to information provision, and other expenses.