Development and Use of Human Resources at Olympus

Olympus recognizes that its employees are its most valuable assets. We respect diversity, character, personality and the human rights of all our employees, and provide them with equal opportunities to fulfill their potential and improve their abilities as well as opportunities to work, develop their skills and gain promotion according to their level of competency.
We promote a wide range of measures to encourage continuing growth for each person through diverse social experiences and participation in business operations as distinctive and attractive individuals, in line with Goal 8*1 and Goal 5*2 of the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals.

social experiences and
participation in business operations as distinctive and attractive individuals,in line with Goal 8* and Goal 5* of the United Nations'Sustainable Development Goals.

*1 Goal 8: Promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth,full and productive employment and decent work for all

*2 Goal 5: Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls

Synergy that leads to fulfillment in both work and life:
Work-Life Integration (WLI)

Kiichi Hirata
Chief Administrative Officer(CAO & Executive Managing Officer, Human Resources & General Affairs)

As part of its activities in Japan, Olympus is organizing various measures in the development and use of human resources under the slogan "Work-Life Integration (WLI)."
In comparison to the frequently-heard term "work-life balance" aimed at achieving a balance in-time between work and life, WLI aims to create a synergistic effect that leads to fulfillment in both work and life. If, for example, enhanced work efficiency helps to achieve the same results in a shorter period of time, reduced working times will lead to greater involvement with the family, more time for community activities and self-enlightenment and ultimately to personal growth through learning.

Work-Life Integration

Growth of each individual is expected to generate a synergy that leads ultimately to increased competitiveness for the entire company. Also, career support that pays attention to the life events of each individual is an important WLI program. Leading examples are uninterrupted career support with use of the work-at-home system, and career development support training with attention given to life events such as childbirth.
Support focuses, not on how to maintain one's career at the points in life where attention to childcare or nursing care is important, but to advanced planning of life events and systematic planning to accelerate career development with attention given to these events. Recognizing compliance with social norms and appropriate social contribution as prerequisites in our activities, we are moving forward in creating workplaces with dynamic energy, tapping on the potential of each individual to contribute to the Company's growth, working in unity and with respect for and an understanding of diversity in human resources.

of each individual is expected to generate a synergy that leads ultimately to increased
competitiveness for the entire company.

Promoting workstyle reform

To strengthen the foundation of its business and management and to make best use of its organizational strengths, Olympus embarked on the Business Process Re-engineering (BPR) Project in July 2016. Changes are initiated by the BPR Division, formed as an organization dedicated to implementing reform, collaborating with the Human Resources Division to upgrade organizational productivity and employee work incentives through changes in workstyles and awareness. We are implementing this project as a two-sided program consisting of reforms in action, aimed at building a better working environment, and reforms in awareness aimed at improving workplace productivity and changes in workstyles for each employee.

Effects Anticipated by Workstyle Reform
Effects Anticipated by Workstyle Reform

Promoting diversity

Concept of Feedforward
Concept of Feedforward

As the first step in promoting diversity, Olympus has set its focus on women, and in 2016 established its Employer Action Plan based on the Act on the Promotion of Women's Participation and Advancement in the Workplace. The principal items on the agenda are expanding the scope of employees qualified for the work-at-home system, Work-Life Integration (WLI) training for managers focusing on systematic career development for women, training of managerial candidates to encourage the appointment of female managers and establishment of the Diversity and Inclusion group, working exclusively to trengthen diversity.
Support is also provided for career development for women, based on anticipating life events and applying the concept of feedforward to provide experience and work opportunities at an earlier stage.

Development of global human resources

With roughly 80% of our revenue coming from overseas, the number of Japanese expatriates has exceeded 300 people in 2016 , creating more opportunities for young employees to work overseas. Education & Training Department, established in April 2016, is planning strategies and systematic programs for career development of domestic employees. In April 2017, we are also working to strengthen global human resources who can play an active role internationally as we reform our company-wide training system in Japan. The new training-by-layer system consists of stratified training for all employees and functional training by job family. By organically linking them, we are trying to nurture human resources who have not only language skills but also basic business skills and expertise, more effectively. We will continue to invest in human resources development with the aim of optimally utilizing human resources throughout the group, including actively accepting talents from overseas to Japan.