Responsible Supply Chain

The Olympus Group fosters sustainable value creation across the entire organization by ensuring responsible and robust supply chain management (SCM). We address social problems, including the environment and human rights, throughout our supply chain and in our standards. To improve cooperation with our suppliers, we have established our Request to Suppliers, which sets out specific action guidelines for suppliers to encourage them to respect human rights and consider the environment. From FY2021, we became a corporate member of BSR, an organization supporting global activities for companies in the area of sustainability, including human rights. To foster a broader respect for human rights throughout SCM, society and the Group's activities, we are now strengthening our human rights due diligence activities on a global basis in compliance with the UN Guiding Principles.

Major initiatives

  • Introduced a multi-lingual global Integrity Hotline available 24/7
  • Promoted an annual supplier questionnaire for major suppliers both in Japan and internationally
  • Formulation of new human rights policies in accordance with UN Guiding Principles

Goals and achievements

Items KPI Definition of KPI Results Target
FY2019 FY2020 FY2021 FY2022
Supply chain Disclosure and update of supply chain policy Disclosure and update of supply chain policy across the entire supply chain (Olympus Group Procurement Policy) (Olympus Group Procurement Policy) (Olympus Group Procurement Policy) Disclosure of new policy *1
Evaluation and management of supply chain Providing Request to Suppliers and Green Procurement Standards YES YES YES *2
Number of companies which answer supplier survey (in Japan*3) 862 out of 937 companies 893 out of 906 companies 719 out of 826 companies *2
Number or companies which participates Procurement Policy Presentation once a year (in Japan*3) 677 participants, 475 companies out of approx. 900 companies 886 participants, 554 companies out of approx. 900 companies Cancelled due to COVID-19 *2
Human rights Disclosure and update of human rights policy Disclosure and update of human rights (Human Rights Policy) (Human Rights Policy) (Human Rights Policy) Disclosure of new policy*1
Human Rights Due Diligence Establishment of human due diligence based on the UN Guiding Principle NO NO YES *2

*1 Target values are shown as monitoring indexes because the values will be improved in this fiscal year.

*2 Target values are set as monitoring indexes.

*3 Suppliers of the Procurement Division of Olympus and related facilities (Aomori, Aizu, Shirakawa, Hinode and Nagano)

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