October 31, 2003
Update: February 6, 2004
The Names of Our European Subsidiaries Have Changed
We are pleased to announce that we have changed the names of our European subsidiaries in order to harmonise with the name change of our Tokyo Headquarters in Japan.
Former Company Name New Company Name Country
Olympus Optical Co. ( Europa ) GmbH Olympus Europa GmbH Germany
Olympus U.K. Ltd. Olympus UK ( Holding ) Ltd. UK
Olympus Optical Co. ( U.K. ) Ltd. Olympus UK Ltd. UK
Olympus Optical ( Schweiz ) AG Olympus Schweiz AG Switzerland
Olympus Optical AB Olympus Sverige AB Sweden
Olympus Optical Polska Sp. z o. o. Olympus Polska Sp. z o.o. Poland
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