October 15, 2008

"Joint update service for Four Thirds lenses" launched

Olympus Imaging Corporation (hereinafter "Olympus"), Panasonic Corporation (hereinafter "Panasonic"),and Sigma Corporation (hereinafter "Sigma") have joined forces to launch an online firmware update service that will enable users to easily update the firmware in interchangeable DSLR lenses compliant with the Four Thirds System Standard, even when the camera and lens are not made by the same manufacturer. Scheduled to start on October 15, 2008, this new joint service is the first of its kind in the industry*.

The way it works is simple. After mounting the lens on the camera, the user can go online and update the lens firmware by downloading the latest lens firmware. Previously, lens firmware could only be updated when the lens was mounted on a camera made by the same manufacturer - for example, an Olympus lens on an Olympus camera or a Panasonic lens on a Panasonic camera. If the mounted lens was not made by the same manufacturer as the camera, then the lens firmware could not be updated regardless of whether or not the mounted lens is compliant with the Four Thirds System Standard.

This new service makes it possible to update the firmware of a Panasonic lens on an Olympus camera or vice versa. Similarly, the firmware in a Sigma lens can also be updated on either an Olympus or Panasonic camera. For more details, please click on one of the following links. The information provided also includes details on firmware updating.

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As of October 15, 2008, according to Olympus data.

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