September 5, 2011

"Portraits of Courage" Worldwide TV Program sponsored by Olympus

We are happy to announce that our special feature program "Portraits of Courage" is going to be broadcast on NHK WORLD/jibtv channel and internet streaming ( throughout the world this September.

Olympus made a full support for making this program.

We would very much appreciate, if you could inform the program to your friends, colleagues and family.

  • Program Title: " Portraits of Courage - Face-to-Face in Tohoku - "
  • Broadcasting Date:September 9th 2011 (Friday)
    JST 9:30 / UTC 0:30 - First run (repeated 6 times in 4 hour cycle)
  • Underwriter (Sponsored by) : Olympus Corporation
John Isaac

Former United Nations photographer John Isaac has travelled to many war-torn regions and refugee camps during his career, showing the world the suffering that famine and disease can bring. This summer, he visited Rikuzentakata, a town in Iwate Prefecture that was devastated by the Great East Japan Earthquake. He found destruction and desolation, of course. But he also encountered glimmers of hope that are inspiring the community to move forward. One of the residents he photographed was planting sunflower seeds in the salt-damaged rice paddies. John also took pictures of people digging a festival float out of debris in order to hold the annual Tanabata Star Festival. Those who did the digging were still living in evacuation centers.

Portraits of Courage Portraits of Courage Portraits of Courage
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