January 22, 2015

Notice of Response to Vulnerability in SSL 3.0

Information has been published about a vulnerability in the SSL 3.0 encryption protocol used in Internet communications that could allow the information from encrypted communications to be leaked.

For details on the vulnerability, check the Carnegie Mellon University website.

In response to this published information, Olympus plans to disable SSL 3.0 to ensure the safety of Internet communication on February 9, 2015 as we consider the protection of customers' information to be of paramount importance.

As a result of disabling SSL 3.0, pages with addresses beginning with [https] may no longer be able to be viewed on or after February 9, 2015. If pages with addresses beginning with [https] cannot be viewed, enable TLS 1.0 and later in the security settings of your browser. Furthermore, we recommend disabling SSL 3.0 in the security settings of your browser to ensure the safety of communications.

For the setting procedure of your browser, inquire with the corresponding browser provider.

For the details on the action to take for the SSL 3.0 vulnerability in Internet Explorer, check the Microsoft website.

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