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May 31, 1996
NoteCorder 100/200/300
NoteCorder 300
NoteCorder 300
Olympus unveils three types of new electronic voice recorders NoteCorder 100/200/300.
Easy operation, ergonomically designed and high quality sound mini-recorders are perfect for home, school or office.
The business item you can't afford to forget. For the bright idea on the drive home. The tender message left for a loved one. Throw away those hand written notes you might lose anyway. New NoteCorder series are the stylish and affordable new electronic voice recorders that are perfect for use at home, at school, at the office or even for an attractive gift.
Easy operation
The NoteCorder is being offered in three models. All feature prominent, easy to use buttons for Record, Playback, and Erase All function. The buttons are designed for each function so that users can easily identify the correct one, and recessed so that they won't trigger accidentally.
Prestigious design
With its distinctive, ergonomically designed oval shape, and convenient hand strap, the compact NoteCorder fits the hand naturally, and slips easily into pocket, purse or glove compartment. use it for personal notes, reminders, directions, and dozens of other everyday needs. All models feature a jet black finish and include two batteries.
Versatile Functions
NoteCorder 100 is capable of holding 20 seconds of multiple messages.
NoteCorder 200 has 40-second recording capacity, and will store up to 20 messages. It is equipped with Erase Select, Erase Last, Fast Forward, Rewind, Skip Message-Forward, and Skip Message-Backwards functions.
NoteCorder 300 will hold up to 90 seconds of recorded information and store up to 40 messages. The NoteCorder 300 incorporates all the NoteCorder 200's functions, as well as a Volume Switch control, Warning Alarm and 3 LEDs that allow users to know which operation mode is working and the amount of remaining memory.
Olympus is known for its highly successful line of Pearlcorder Microcassette recorders with their compact, prestigious design and superb performance. New NoteCorder is a logical addition to Olympus's Pearlcorder line but offers more convenience for first time users of electronic voice recorders. And will make a handy second memo for consumers already familiar with our high quality Pearlcorders.
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