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June 11, 1997
Specifications of
Type Mechanical shutter 35 mm SLR camera
Film Format 24 x 36 mm
Lens Mount Olympus OM mount
Shutter Mechanically controlled metal focal plane shutter (vertical focal action)
Light Metering System TTL center-weighted average light metering system. Switchable to spot metering
Light Metering Range EV+ 2-EV19 (ISO 100)
Shutter Speed Range B, 1-1/2000 sec. (mechanical control at all speeds)
Flash Synchro Speed X contact: synchronization at 1/125 sec. or slower shutter speed
Film Speeds ISO 25-3200
Film Advance Film advance lever (locks shutter release when pushed in)
Film Rewind Rewind crank
Exposure Counter Mechanical progressive type. Automatic reset by opening back of camera
Multi-Exposure Operating multi-exposure lever
Viewfinder Fixed focus screen. Split-image microprism system. Viewing field: 93% (vertically/horizontally) of actual image
Magnification 0.84X with 50mm lens
Viewfinder Information Exposure indicator/spot metering indicator activated when shutter release button is pressed halfway.
Self-timer Mechanical type with approx. 10 sec. delay
Battery Check Activated when shutter button is pressed halfway. Power is sufficient when LED inside the viewfinder lights, and low when it does not light.
Power Source Two SR44 silver-oxide batteries or two LR44 alkaline-manganese batteries
Dimensions 138 (W)x 87 (H)x 51 (D) mm (body alone)
Weight 430g (body alone)
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*Olympus Optical Co., Ltd. was changed to OLYMPUS CORPORATION as of October 1, 2003.
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